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        About Us

        About Us
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        • HengSheng Bamboo Wood Co.,LTD.

          AnJi HengSheng Bamboo Wood Co.,LTD. Is located in anji county in ZheJiang Province. We're specialized manufacturer of bamboo mats, bamboo blinds, bamboo carpets and bamboo table mats, etc. We keep on improving to develop more fashionable styles to satisfy customers' requirements.

          We only use the best quality bamboo strips as raw materials, it has the character of mothproof and mildew proof for processed by boiling and braising technics. It was exclusive and fashionable with many styles. It's an green product processed by environmental protection standards with natural raw materials. We accept customized orders of various colors and styles. It's widely used in residents, tea house, hotels, restaurant, It'll create a through fresh room for your life.

          We're manufacture of bamboo and wood products, all of our products are produced by ourselves, it's competitive with satisfied price and high quality. Sincerely first and keep on improving is the aim of us. Warmly welcome to get mutual benefit business relationship with us in the coming new future.

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